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Lucie is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach who helps you align your authentic self with integrating an uplifting lifestyle that you love and which is in favour of your aging process and longevity.  Together, we lay the foundations so you can master your body and mind to allow health to flourish, feel revitalised, be on top of the world and age graciously no matter what decade you're in. Aging does not have to be a downward spiral but rather a time for growth and renewal.

"Health coaching is the bridge that takes you from wanting something to achieving it"



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What clients are saying....

Laure Bury

12 week coaching programme

"I'm loving my new lifestyle. I feel whole and complete again with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and vigour for the future."

Debbie Chapman

12 week coaching programme

"Thanks for everything you've helped me with, I feel great, my body aches have disappeared! I wake up feeling so refreshed, I have energy all day and i'm getting much more out of life."

Tina Eliades

12 week coaching programme

"I think so much more clearly than I did before your programme, I'm amazed at the difference it has made to my day to day performance."

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